Bali Bicycle Tour : Easy Ways To Explore More About Bali

Do you know what the better way to explore Bali is? Bicycle! Bali has been globally known as an island of paradise, meaning that it is wonderful, amazing, incredible, extraordinary and all about Bali is spectacular.

So now you are dreaming of exploring Bali, well, consider Bali Bicycle Tour that will bring you to the beautiful nature and let you feel the different fresh air. Or when you are already in Bali, make sure you don’t miss the chance to go up with the challenge of cycling in Bali.

Here is a short review of Bali Bicycle Tour to explain:

About Bali Bicycle Tour

Thanks to the different options of Bali Bicycle Tour available, from touring through the black lava on mountain to something that seems more relaxing such as passing through the green rice fields. In relation to bicycle tour, one thing to make sure is your riding-bike ability. Refer to your fitness level and you’ll know what you are looking for. Cycling can be great if you are capable of it.

Bali Bicycle Tour Options

There are many different options of Bali Bicycle Tour that every one can opt for. That is dealing with the route you desire and the place you want to finish at. The bicycle tour can be exploring Ubud, countryside cycling tour, mountain tour and etc.

Below are the example of Bali Bicycle tour options you may want to consider;

A Day Trip from Ubud

One of Bali bicycle tour options is a day trio from Ubud which offers the most spectacular sceneries of mountains and jungles. In this trip, you can go cycling along the slope and Kintamani volcano and then come over the popular rice terraces.

A day trip from Ubud will let you to witness the most wonderful views from the peak of the mountain. You can even directly witness the UNESCO World Heritage rice terraces as well as the crafts villages of Ubud. Further, enjoying meal at the local food stall will always be interesting.

Bali Countryside Cycling Tour

Bali Countryside Cycling Tour offers the trip to a secluded area which is a way from the common cycling destinations. This cycling tour offers more about the wonderful Balinese culture and real life. Truly, you’ll get opportunities to join the local people’s unique festivals or traditional ceremonies.

Cycling along the countryside also allows you to stop at the local temples and plantations so you can explore them for more knowledge. Go adventuring to find the authentic side of Bali and learn what spices that the local people use in cooking. Imagine how fun and interesting to enjoy lunch while you can also hear a story how different tropical fruits grow there.

In conclusion, Bali Bicycle Tour offers many different options including a day trip exploring Ubud and a countryside cycling tour. A day trip from Ubud give a chance to witness the World Heritage site according to UNESCO. Meanwhile, the countryside cycling tour allows for learning more about the local people’s daily life.

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